Top Hindi Dubbed Movies Of Dhanus

Dhanush produced his debut in Hindi movie industry with Aanand L Rai's masterwork Raanjhanaa and left a powerful impression on Hindi movie lovers' mind.

He followed with Shamitabh, a not so fantastic sophomore effort. Following that, he's disappeared from the screen, however, the market which Raanjhanaa made for him has many of his regional movies to be dubbed in Hindi and played Hindi entertainment channels.

Below will be the most effective Danish movies dubbed in Hindi, if we happen to overlook some, remind us at the comments. Enjoy.

All Superhit Hindi Dubbed Films of Dhanush

Sullan- Tezaab (2004)

Directed by Ramana, Sullivan was a movie that wasn't too successful critically or when it had been published, but over the years that it gained a cult status and has been loved by the viewers.

In Hindi, the movie was dubbed as Tezaab lately and was replayed many times over. The movie tried to work Dhanush as a quintessential action celebrity as he plays the part of a happy go lucky college student.

His life turns out when the evil moneylender from the title of Moore strikes his loved ones and also we get to find that the action-star Dhanush.

Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram- Ek Shola- The Beauty (2007)

Directed by Suresh Krishna and composed by Prem, this is just another most sought after Danish movie that created its waves when it premiered back in 2007.

The movie follows the story of a young innocent man who arrives at Chennai with the honorable intention of purchasing bangles because of his mum but he ends up using the exact wrong men and women.

In virtually no time, he becomes the chief of the criminal underbelly of Chennai.

Venghai- Meri Taqat Mera Faisla (2011)

Another cold-blooded, soft in mind, actioner by Dhanush which captured the bells ringing in the local box office.

The movie tells the story about a young man from Trichi who has called by his father to be about him. The dad is a dreaded and respected landlord, and it has left a lot of enemies throughout his life.

The boy goes to some lengths to protect his dad from the possible dangers. The movie was dubbed in Hindi because Meri Taqat Mera Faisla and its mass attraction resonated very well with the Hindi speaking viewer.

Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam – Super Khiladi Returns (2006)

Hindi movie lovers usually connect the south Indian theatre with dumb action blockbusters usually.

However Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a movie that's a sweet reminder that Tamil Cinema is quite a bit more than that. The family drama movie, that has been dubbed in Hindi as Fir May Deewana, tells the story of Vasu who falls in love with a gorgeous woman named Keerthi, simply to learn she is going to get married.

Matters become considerably worse when Vasu realizes that she's getting married to none apart from his very best buddy. Dhanush was on very top of the acting match in the movie.

Padikkadavan- Meri Taqat Mera Faisla 2(2009)

This action comedy masala potboiler celebrities Dhanush in one of the most bizarre roles of the profession. He plays with a reckless boy's roster that falls in love with a woman who appears to be the younger sister of a wealthy man.

The brother devises many means to keep them apart from each other but fails miserably every time. This Danish starrer was an entire bundle of fun, humor, action, drama, romance, and soulful songs and has been a box office winner dubbed in Hindi as Super Khiladi Returns.

Regardless of the fact that its Hindi name makes it seem like a movie, it was anything but that. Padikkadavan is a standalone movie starring Dhanush and Tamannaah.

At the movie, Danish plays the function of a good-for-nothing college dropout named Rocky, who spends his time doing nothing but hanging out in a mechanic shop.

However, his life turns out when he falls in love with a woman and he will finally have to go through hell to woo her, he manages to perform by the end of the movie.

Maari- Rowdy Hero (2015)

Maari is among the latest ones one of Dhanush's absolutely amazing filmography. He dons the avatar of a lovable regional goon who falls in love with Sridevi, who's not what she looks from a distance.

She's on a mission for him to acknowledge the crimes he has done all of his life. The action masala movie was among the greatest Tamil releases of this year and has been a box office success.

The movie was dubbed for its Hindi audiences as Rowdy Hero, that was loved by the cinema lovers.

Kodi- Rowdy Hero 2 (2016)

Do not go with all the idiotic Hindi name of the wonderful political thriller action play movie. Dhanush and group's extraordinary performances created this movie among the most intense movies of this year.

Telling the story of two brothers, one a pacifist and other a political man, the movie is fundamentally a story of revenge with a profound political background. The movie is titled in Hindi as Rowdy Hero two and is among the most pursued Danish began action drama movies that operate on the Hindi entertainment channels.

Mappillai- Jamai Raja (2011)

This is still another masala action comedy Tamil movie that hit all of the ideal notes so far as the Tamil cine goers are involved. But the movie did manage to demonstrate a story that has been rather refreshing with the masala elements undamaged.

The movie tells the story of a woman who somehow convinces her mother to receive her married to her boyfriend. The mommy agrees, believing he is a wonderful boy but that the illusion rests when she comes to understand that the boy really has a rather violent past.
The movie premiered in Hindi as Jamai Raja and has been a box office along with a critical success too.

Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 - VIP 2 (2017)

A young gifted professional receives a job offers out of a significant firm but he declines the offer, thus earning the animosity of a rigorous businesswoman.

She's a robust but hard-to-handle woman whose self is influenced and today she's hell-bent on creating the young man's life unhappy. However, the boy won't take the beating lying and builds a group to attack the juggernaut.

Kutty is still another endearing Danish movie that boasts of a bit of everything, a few humor, action, drama, romance, and some fantastic music. However, the movie is somewhat low on action and feeds the psychological moments which happen between a man and the woman he loves.

Dhanush plays with Kutty, a young man who falls in love with a woman from his school but soon finds out that she's in love with someone else from her school. However, that doesn't prevent Kutty from enjoying her. The movie premiered in Hindi as Daringbaaz Aashiq and was loved immensely.

All these are our beloved Hindi dubbed pictures of Dhanush, if you feel a few are missing then do discuss the title of Hindi dubbed Films of Dhanush from the remark section.
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