Top 6 Best Pakistani Movies

These days, we're discussing a few really amazing collection of Greatest Pakistani Movies . These pictures are a must watch for everybody. Each movie mentioned below is just one of its types and has amazing storylines and excellent celebrities.

I am certain that you guys will love these pictures, but be certain to mention your individual experiences after viewing these movies and also do cite your beloved Pakistani movie.

List of Greatest Pakistani Films


Bol is a 2011 societal drama movie, led by Shoaib Mansoor.

The movie addresses the rejection of transgender by culture, the greed of owning a son by households, Girls empowerment and family preparation.

The narrative of a is a decrease middle-class household in Pakistan. The eldest girl, Zainab is going to have hanged for murdering her dad. Before becoming hanged, she informs the press story, why she murdered her own dad.

The sensitive story of Zainab moves the entire media when she finishes up the story and asks a Query - Why just killing is a crime rather than giving birth? Giving birth to a lot of children to whom you provide a lifetime of desire.

Her dad kept on making kids, simply to find a boy. When her dad gets to learn about it, he defeats Zainab.

The previous kid they have is that a kid, who's a transgender. Zainab's dad tries every way to kill the baby. He kills the transgender boy when he has raped by guys on the job. To save himself from the murder chargeshe wants cash.

And for this money, he has married to a dancer and sells his own original kid with all the dancer before becoming married . When Zainab and her mum get to learn about it, they're heartbroken.

The dancer, to rescue her woman child from a life like hers leaves and comes into the older guy's house. The older guy is going to kill the baby and also to rescue the woman child from her dad, Zainab strikes her dad which kills him.

Zainab's mom and sister's open a Zainab Café and also increase the measure sister following the death of this old guy and dangling of Zainab.

Bob is among the Greatest Movies of Pakistan.

Khuda Ke Liye (IMDb- 8.4)

Khuda Ke Liye also called In The Name of God, is a 2007 Offense, drama, thriller movie directed by ShoaibMansoor.

Naseeruddin Shah, An Indian Actor can also be part of this uncut version of the movie. The movie is shot in a variety of places aside from Pakistan, such as Chicago, Illinois, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The movie is about 2 households, one settled in England and another settled in Pakistan. The British settled, Pakistani woman wants to get married to a British boy but her hypocritical father brings her into Pakistan and harshly makes her wed her cousin.

Another family has two boys, both listeners. The younger boy drops into an Islamic Activist and can be affected in the name of God.

He gets married to his cousin, The British-Pakistani woman, under the sway of the Islamic Activist. The elder boy belongs into Chicago and drops in love with Janie and gets married . Following 9/11 strikes, FBI arrests him tortures him due to his Islamic heritage for annually.

The British-Pakistani woman manages to compose a letter into her boyfriend also seeks legal assistance.

The British authorities rescues her, who's currently a mum of a driven kid. After being rescued, she contributes to the exact same village in which she had been kept to teach the women and girls of this village. On the opposing side, during the authorized hearings, the affected boy has to know the fact and knows what he had been compelled to perform from the title of this God.

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi (IMDb- 8.1)

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi was called I'm Shahid Afridi, is a 2013 action-drama sports movie headed by Syed Ali Raza Usama.

ShahidAfridi and Ayesha Omar using a particular appearance in the film.

The movie is all about a young boy who wishes to become the renowned cricketer Shahid Afridi. The youthful boy curses his fortune when the only club he's appeared to gets broke. He finds one opportunity to rescue the club along with his fantasy.

A group of misfits with no trainer or facility should shield skilled rivals so as to come in the view of, Haroon Sheikh. They locate ex-cricketer, Akbar Deen, just who can save them today.

Zinda Bhaag (IMDb - 8.2)

The movie had a premiere series on 19 September 2013 and has been released on 20 September 2013.

The narrative of this movie revolves round, three young friends that are desperate to escape from the truth of their everyday lives.

They need a quick way to victory and therefore, they think the west is the only alternative. The movie showcases the everyday hardships of their life of women and men of Pakistan. The 3 buddies succeed in their own lives but at the least expected way.

Ramchand Pakistani (IMDb- 7.5)

The movie is based on a real story of a boy that crosses the Indo-Pak boundary without understanding.

The movie is about a Pakistani Hindu household belonging to a Untouchable Dalit caste, living at India- Pakistan border.

The youthful eight-year-old boy and his dad accidentally cross the boundary and reaches India. They're detained and are stored in an Indian Jail.

Karachi Se Lahore (2015)

The mom in Pakistan does not have any whereabouts of their father and son. The mum in Pakistan, devastated by the abrupt disappearance of dad and son, struggles for her survival and the youthful son learns to deal the abrupt separation from her mother and come back to reside in an Indian prison with his dad.

Karachi Se Lahore is a story of a man Zaheem, his girlfriend is devoting for her uncle, so he decides to halt the wedding that's occurring in Lahore.

He begins his Journey out of Karachi with the assistance of his buddies Matt, Sam, his neighbor Maria and her brother, Zeno. The fun begins on the trip and it ends up a humorous road trip, Film is composed by Yasir Hussain and his comic timing is brilliant in this movie.

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