All-Time Best 10 Bollywood Movies on Politics

Bollywood films are created on many genres like Hindi comedy Films, movies with social message etc, but the movies come into the limelight when they use controversial themes, such as politics.

All-Time Best Bollywood Movies on Politics

Aandhi (1975)

Gandhi is a movie believed to be predicated on Indira Gandhi. The movie could not be published in 1975 since Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister, In 1977 she dropped the election after which Janta party gave the film a green signal.

The story of a politician would daughter Aarti, who meets JK at a hotel, falls in love and gets married .

They face issues in their wedded life and has separated, after many years that they again meet at a hotel, still has the love for each other, but fresh Aarti has become an established Politician and fears that her step towards her ex-husband might hamper her picture.

Kissa Kursi Ka (1977)

The movie was directed by Amrit Nahata, a part of Indian Parliament. This movie is a satire on the politics of India Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. It was banned by the Indian Government and the prints were seized.

The film is a comedy over the politicians, politics and the machine.

Main Azaad Hoon (1989)

A female journalist to save her job, starts writing a column with the name of'Azaad' a fictitious character and his views about corrupted politicians, ills of present society, criticize press and similar things.

To create her newspaper more famous, she also claims that the author of the column would commit suicide 26 January, if certain conditions are not fulfilled. She finds that a jobless man (Amitabh) and exploits him to eventually become Azaad for a few rupees.

Now they have a face because of their literary personality Azaad. He is introduced to the world as Ahmad and he has lots of love from common men and women, and he becomes a public figure and threat to politicians.

Afterward he finds out how he's been used, however, he decides to become Azaad at the true sense, evoke his fans to fight for their nation against corruption and all evil present in society and commits suicide 26 January from a 30-story building.

Yuva (2004)

An incident in Kolkata's Howrah Bridge affects lifetime of 3 young guys completely, Lallan a goon, Michael a student leader and Arjun a spoiled brat of an IAS Officer. A murder attempt and an accident change their lives forever.

Nayak (2001)

A loyal Journalist Shivaji (Anil Kapoor) gets a chance to Interview the Chief Minister, Balraj Chauhan. Throughout the meeting, Shivaji's allegations with proofs and details make Balraj furious.

Balraj in anger gives Shivaji a challenge to become a CM for a day and experience the issues and life of a CM himself. Shivaji accepts the battle and turns his town upside down in just 24 hours, becoming a hazard to Balkan and his political party. They try everything to kill Balraj, but in squander.

All people today desire Shivaji to become a CM, therefore he wins majority. Chauhan tries to kill Shivaji but is murdered by the security guards provided to the CM.

In the end a fresh, corruption-free city is shown that can only be dreamt unless we find a real Nayak.

Satta (2003)

A youthful Delhi woman gets married to aspiring CM, Vivek Chauhan. The reality of Vivek and his family gets clear to her when she's physically abused by them.

She finds her husband is a womaniser, alcoholic and corrupt man. Things change when Vivek is arrested with the charge of murder and she is forced to take Vivek's location in politics.

Soon she realizes that she's trapped between underworld, businessman, corrupt policeman, politicians, media along with her own in-laws.

Sarkar (2005)

Subhash Nagre a powerful guy of Mumbai, runs on the parallel government and has many followers.

The film shows the actual significance of politics and what an individual can do for a chair.

This film has a similar storyline to The Godfather, but it differs in many ways.

You have to watch this movie, in case you've watched Godfather.


Gulaal is led at Anurag Kashyap starring K.K Menon in the lead role along with a number of different actors.

The movie is set in Rajasthan and is all about validity, injustice, and hypocrisy.

The story is about a Law student who has elected as General Secretary of his school and had to watch the battles of the Rajputs, deception, homicide, and crime.

The movie was banned by Congress, it has many scenes, in which they talk about the politics of the Congress Party.

Raajneeti (2010)

This movie has showcased in thickness lifestyles of Politicians.

The movie is about a young man who is going to return to the US but cancels all his strategies when his Politician father is shot dead.

He has to enter politics, which teaches him to lie and deceit.

The film relies on Mahabharat, the story about the thirst of power and mixed up relations.

Peepli Live (2010)

A comic satire on 'Farmer suicides' in India and politicians of India. Two bad farmers of a village get to know what Govt is financing the families of farmer who's committing suicide.

Elder brother Buddha encourages Natha to commit suicide. The suicide of Nathan becomes the talk of the town and reaches a local paper, and then to mainstream News channels and in days Natha's suicide news becomes Breaking News of India.

Reporters from news stations and papers reach Natha and start interviewing him.

Nathan and his passing news turned into a problem for local political parties.

Political parties start their political matches, by giving Nathan and his household a water heater and television. In an crash, a dead body is found which is announced as Nathan's by govt officials.

And now as Nathan has been killed in an accident and is not a suicide, the reparation money is denied by the authorities.

We may have missed many good Hindi Political films, It is possible to share the list of Best Bollywood Films on Politics in the comment section.
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